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Bird 'flu 2

I wonder if it's worth making something clear.

I don't really want people to die, I empathise too much with the victims and their families for a start. It's why I can't watch the news, I just get really depressed at the waste of life and potential. And hell, I don't want to die, either.

But at this rate it's the only way we're going to be able to have a liveable environment for our grandkids. The human race is expanding too fast with too little regard for their eco-system and the limited resources around them. The thing is, the damage is not only done, it has momentum. It'll take decades for that to slow down if not stop, even if we all changed our ways from tomorrow.

And the changes to rectify this happen at a snail's pace.

I'd happily welcome solutions where the Earth's human population isn't cut in half. Please, anyone, I'm happy to hear them. But they need to be practical and realistically achieveable. Because when important changes are brought up, like Kyoto, they have nations like the US (and Australia!) saying they aren't going to do it. The governments make the decisions that keep them in office and please big business, they don't plan long term. If they did the Vic governments would have been building more trainlines rather than more roads for the last two decades.

I don't want or expect people to have to give up their luxuries. Hell, I like my DVD's and fast food and internet porn, too. But I do want people to appreciate where things come from, understand where they go, and realise the impact that has.

The Barrier Reef is dying.

I've been traveling the same stretches of road for almost twenty years and I've watched huge chunks of Australian forest slowly killed by salinity and poisons.

The biodiversity is dropping and many animal and plant species are dangerously close to dying out. How many do we have to lose before people think it's important enough to make big changes? Or do we just need to lose a few of the cuter, well-known ones? Two of the three species of wombat are endangered. I don't know about anyone else, but I like wombats.

I dunno, maybe I only care so much because I've seen it first hand. If I never went bush, didn't watch the damage creeping slowly across the land, didn't see the rubbish in our waterways and the debris in our bushland, maybe I wouldn't care either.

But I want my grandkids and your grandkids and everyone's grandkids to have the chance to live in a world where the forests aren't dead and where the resources aren't used up.

With three species of wombat, rather than one.

And for that, I'm happy to see our numbers thinned. It's a simple if drastic solution and it's a natural one. We get plagues and viruses from time to time that hit the humans. We're actually rather overdue. And I'm sure the planet could use the breathing space.

I'd love to hear from people with better solutions that can be as easily achieved.
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