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Tweety-things [Mar. 19th, 2010|06:04 pm]

  • 19:27 RT @BoxcuttersCast Ep 215: Carol-Lynn Parente, Executive Producer of Sesame Street bit.ly/bNY7gI #
  • 19:30 Feeling generally unwell, but enjoyed podcasts of #BoxCutters and #DrKarl. #
  • 19:31 I want a super-duper garlic pizza. It cures all ills by being extremely yummy. #
  • 19:32 It's tragic that no matter how often I've asked for huge amounts of garlic on my pizza, I've only sweated garlic once. #
  • 19:35 My use of 'tragic' was wrong. I wonder if evolution of language means it's changed its meaning. It is tragic that my use was wrong though :P #
  • 19:39 I'd castrate a cheetah with my teeth for a garlic pizza. #
  • 20:11 Garlic pizza is ordered. As the kids say, "Om nom nom." #
  • 22:14 #Transformers1 - 15 minutes in, a poor attempt at making us empathise with imminent victims, some action, followed by no likeable characters #
  • 22:20 #Transformers1 - Hang on, the US military is telling the news media that, basically, they've had their arses kicked? Why? #
  • 22:24 #Transformers1 - Main character is *so* unlikeable. But I liked his tree-climbing friend who he ditched. #
  • 22:34 #Transformers1 - So an airbase on high alert misses the silver robot thing? Really? #
  • 22:48 #Transformers1 - Female hacker character is the only likeable character so far. Also the only one who feels like a real person. #
  • 23:18 #Transformers1 - The sequence around Sam's home is waaay longer than it needs to be. Especially since it's obviously meant to be funny, too. #
  • 23:52 #Transformers1 - So who is it there who actually knows Morse code to send the message? #
  • 00:19 #Transformers1 - Some nice action near the end, but that doesn't make up for the bad writing or the dreadfully weak humour. #
  • 00:20 #Transformers1 - Optimus Prime's speech at the end is nice. #
  • 06:39 Awake at 6am. Had trouble getting to sleep and dropped off some time after 1am. And I'm genuinely feeling great! *happy dance* #
  • 06:39 Obviously the blood levels in my garlic stream had gotten too high. Fixed now. #
  • 08:00 Well, done over 40 min of exercise on the Wii Fit, now to start my day. Got three new top scores and sweated a lot. Yay! #
  • 08:40 I love taking my son swimming. It always astounds me how an 18 month-old can get out of the sack and make it to shore. #
  • 12:56 Is it unreasonable that I think dried pineapple pieces don't need to be sweetened? #
  • 16:36 Don't hate me because I'm beautiful. Hate me because I baked laxatives into those brownies I made for you. #
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