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Oscars Tweety-things

  • 21:10 Cars is arguably Pixar's weakest movie by far. Which means it's only very good. #pixar #movie #
  • 06:15 Why am I awake? I woke over an hour ago and cannot sleep despite being tired out. This serves no useful purpose, much like this tweet. #
  • 11:29 I might watch Oscars live on 9. Thanks for the heads-up @mpesce! Now the big question, do I tweet about it (if I can be bothered)? #oscars #
  • 12:35 The sound mix on the first song meant you had to strain to hear the words... tut tut #Oscars #
  • 13:09 It feels like Channel 9 couldn't fill the ad-break time, so we get an almost embarrassed feeling gap and some music #Oscars #
  • 13:18 Molly Ringwold looks terrified. Botox? #Oscars #
  • 13:26 Sound mix is still terrible - can't hear any announcements. Wonder if they've got it set for 5.1 sound? #Oscars #
  • 13:29 Carey Mulligan so wants me... I should return her calls. #
  • 13:52 The first funny line of the night! Lucky old Steve Martin! #Oscars #
  • 14:00 Most of the supporting actresses looked like they were tearing-up at their own performances... #Oscars #
  • 14:07 Sigorney Weaver is still looking great! Should return her calls, too... #Oscars #
  • 14:12 I've avoided spoilers as to who has won what, for those watching it tonight. I may break and swear lots if Avatar gets Best Picture. #Oscars #
  • 14:14 To the winner of Best Costume design... You're kinda awesome! #Oscars #
  • 14:19 Advert for Farmer Wants a Wife, trying to make it seem like it's actually about love... and all I can think of is Wives by Paul Haines #
  • 14:26 The irony is that the bad sound mix of the #Oscars means that I don't know who is presenting the Best Sound Editing Award. #
  • 14:31 Note to Quentin Tarantino - Obviously digging your own film when they show the clips, just makes you look like a knob-end #Oscars #
  • 14:43 Natasha Richardson, Dom DeLuise, Kalrl Malden - had no idea they'd died. That's where the #Oscars deathlist is handy. #
  • 14:48 Somebody shoot that bloody mime dancing to the music from Hurt Locker! #Oscars #
  • 14:50 You know, for the Best Score bit, I think I'd prefer a blank screen, or clips from the films, at a push. #Oscars #
  • 14:51 wonders where James Horners ripped off his score for Avatar... #Oscars #
  • 14:53 What must it have been like for the writer of the Best Score to watch someone do The Robot to his music? Good speech though #Oscars #
  • 14:54 Visual Effects Awards always give me the horn #Oscars #
  • 14:56 You know, I'm glad I figured out the LJ cut thing for my tweets before I did this. Otherwise my friends would cut my throat. #
  • 14:57 Great finish to the end of the Visual Effects winners speech. All you losers wishing you could live in Avatar's world, take note! #Oscars #
  • 15:06 Guy doing the Editing Award... Get! Off! #Oscars #
  • 15:16 Must now leave for an unexpected errand of mercy. Bugger! But friends come before awards shows :) #
  • 17:09 Back home, looked up results. And now an #Oscars Spoiler - Suffer in yer jocks, Cameron! #
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