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This post is not about any one person either... No, really. Look, will you just listen for once?!

I made my little corner of the internet go 'splodey with my last post. And I'm a bit tired of trying to reply to everyone about it both online and privately, so instead I wanted to say a few things to the mob in general.

I don't see the point in naming individuals, because there's a few of them, it doesn't make this post more or less relevant to have names, and I have enough to do without trying to compile a list. Plus I have no desire to try and make individual people out as 'bad.' I don't see that it does any good.


I love it when people think I am so very gutless, I wouldn't just stand up and say what I think about a particular topic. Because, you know, I've never stood my ground on unpopular topics in the past have I?

I love it when people think I'm so very stupid, that I would choose to hide behind a phrase like, 'this is not about any one person,' if it was, in fact, specifically about a single individual or event. There's obviously no other reason for me to use such a phrase, because I've never talked broadly about a range of things, people, or events in the past have I?

I love when people assume I've deliberately attacked or belittled the plight of someone who is already struggling. Because I've got such a long history of that sort of behaviour.

I love it when they assume I have the time and inclination to read through all my friend's LJs before I make a post. Because I've never stated before that usually I have time to post on LJ, or read LJ, but not both.

I love it when I'm being told that I'm defending something that I have made very clear previously I think should be punished.

And I love it when people put down to maliciousness or cruelness what can be explained by poor timing, stupidity, tiredness, anger at something else, lack of info on the current status quo, and so on.

I have been in fandom thirty damn years. On the weekend, I heard people badmouthing someone for something they had screwed up close to fifteen years before. The fact that this person has done tonnes of good, and in fact has done significantly more real good in the world (and no, fandom is not the world) than all their detractors combined, didn't matter. All that mattered was one fuck-up. One fuck up and this person was branded as the festering boil of fandom.


And I have seen this happen again, and again, and again. And I am sick to fucking death of it. And that is what I was rallying against.

So then it basically happens to me over a post.

Some people assume they know exactly what I'm talking about, assume they know exactly what was in my mind when I wrote it, because they are so very intelligent they just know everything about me, and my reasons and motivations. So instead of taking the real point of the post, weighing it up against other things I have said and done, they judge me on their perspective of that single post. Decide I am a bad person because of their interpretation of what I wrote.

Better yet, I'm blamed by folks who have read stuff into what I wrote, for posts made by other people who have also read what they wanted to from what I wrote.

And then they all behave in exactly the way my post was critical of in the first place.

In fact the most reasonable person has been the one with every right to react badly. Once we'd discussed the situation, we made each other aware of what we were reacting to, and apologised to each other.

To the rest of you, go read my fucking post again. Look at what it says, rather than what you want it to say. Go on, I'll wait here...

Right, done?

I am not just the post I made yesterday!

Now get the fuck off my internets!
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