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Lex out and about

Had to make a trip to Belconnen today, with mum and Lex. I didn't take the stroller because on two previous occasions with Lex holding my finger as we walked, he's been fine.

And he was again today. We walked around for over an hour, and he was fine the whole time. I'm still amazed by this. I know he's a pretty good kid, but even so, we're out walking in a big, wide, interesting place with lots of shapes and colours and people, so I pretty much expect him to want to run off and explore everything. They're naturally curious, and everything is new, so of course they want to investigate.

But Lex is happy to hold my finger and walk along, twisting his head and body wildly in an attempt to take in as much as he can. The two points where he saw something he just had to get a better look at (balloons, and a random shop window), he grabbed my finger more firmly and gently pulled me in the direction that had his interest. So we'd have a look and then, because I knew he'd happily look at this stuff for an hour, I'd lead him away and he'd come with minimum resistance.

I've always been told that I was a really good, quiet child, and so far, that describes Lex. He usually only plays up when he's over-tired, or in discomfort, neither of which one can really blame him for.

So, maybe he takes after his dad in that respect. I wonder if he'll be a quiet teenager too, until he finally finds the social group in which he feels comfortable, and then look out world!
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