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Brothers Grimm

Terry Gilliam is one of my favourite directors, even though he made the Brothers Grimm. If I had remembered that he was the director going in to this movie, I suspect I would have been even more disappointed. I found it to be a film with a reasonable script and cool ideas struggling against the might of all it's male leads playing for laughs. The women play straight and it works, but the guys... *sigh*

I suspect if the film had been played straight, I would have enjoyed it much more. As it was, I found it irritating. It's the first film where I very nearly walked out of the cinema because it was so very annoying.

I'll probably rewatch it in a few years time and see what I think. I have hated films before and found them enjoyable on a rewatch, but somehow I don't think this will be one of them. I went in expecting good, dumb fun. Well, it was dumb, anyway.

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