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My day in dot points

Just one of those days where I look at how much I've done and go, "So that's why I'm tired..."

* Lex slept until 7:45am! And I was so tired from yesterday, so did I!

* Watered plants, with Lex's help.

* I read a comic while I ate breakfast.

* Did two, half-hour exercise sessions on the Wii Fit.

* Vacuumed the bathroom.

* Washed a load of nappies and a load of clothes.

* Showered.

* Helped mum do her 15 minutes of exercise on the Wii Fit while Lex ate lunch (Helping mum involves picking exercises she can do, being ready to catch her if she over-balances, being someone she can lean on during some exercises, and effectively getting an extra half hour work-out by helping her, while giving Lex more food between exercises.)

* Changed four pooey nappies (total so far).

* Got Lex down for afternoon nap with minimum of fuss (Half a Dr. Seuss book, Pertwee's Venusian lullaby, and the Brunnen G fight song from Lexx.

* Watched episode 5 of Doctor Who - Ambassadors of Death and made notes for Swancon, etc.

* Watched half of Bourne Supremacy while I ate lunch.

* Made Lex breakfast, lunch, tea, and snacks throughout the day.

* Read several books to Lex.

* Played with Lex.

* Played outside with Lex.

* Brought in the washing.

* Made two loaves of gluten free bread for Sharon, while Lex wrangling.

* Successfully guessed that Sharon's problem with the car was that the starter motor had died. (The car doesn't like Sharon, she slams its doors.)

* Written this post.

I'm hoping to get to watch the other half of the Bourne movie tonight, possibly while I eat tea. I was going to try and finish something for the C6 conbook today (I got a chunk done last night, but it's not done and needs an edit), I doubt that's going to happen. I think tonight may become one where, once Lex is asleep, Sharon and I collapse and eat ice cream. Maybe I can finish the first movie, and watch a second. That'd be nice.
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