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Movies for 2010 - Part 4 [Feb. 1st, 2010|11:54 am]
[mood |accomplishedaccomplished]

23rd January
Manos - The Hands of fate - MST3K version
Shaolin Soccer

26th January
Die Hard

27th January

28th January
The Bourne Identity

29th January
Flying High

30th January
30 Days of Night

31st January
The Mummy - Tomb of the Dragon Emperor

That brings my total films for the month to twenty-two! I'm very pleased about that. I think keeping the list makes me want to watch more films, and the two trips to Cooma certainly helped with that.

Surprisingly (to me) few SF films in my first month, but lots of horror. Rewatching some Hammer horror films helped push that up.

Have to say, I really enjoyed 30 Days of Night. Now I'll have to hunt down the comic series it was based on. Glad I saw Mummy 3, because now I need never see it again. It adds nothing to the franchise, I'd much rather they wrote out the Rachel Weisz character than recasting her, and while not a bad film, I was actually a bit bored by it.

From: leecetheartist
2010-02-01 05:07 am (UTC)
But Danny, he does!

The original maker of Manos was a bit annoyed that the Mystie crew's silhouettes obscure the reveal - Torgo does indeed has goat hoofs when he takes his shoes off!
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[User Picture]From: dalekboy
2010-02-01 05:11 am (UTC)

But in fairness to the MST3K guys, their silhouettes don't cover that much of the screen. If a shot is important, you make sure it's clearly visible. ANd let's face it, this wasn't a subtle film :)
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From: leecetheartist
2010-02-01 05:13 am (UTC)
Torgo's my hero. Most hard done by character EVER!
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