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Portraits of 2009 [Jan. 1st, 2010|10:21 pm]
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[mood |pleasedpleased]

Well, stephiepenguin did a post on pictures that she took during 2009. So I'm pinching the idea and doing the same. All pictures of people, many of whom are holding Lex for some reason, and they're in chronological order. Every photo was taken by me, or was pretty much entirely set up by me and then I had someone else press the button.

I was quite pleased when I compiled this. I had felt like I'd hardly taken any pictures this year, but in actual fact I had hardly taken any travel pictures. There's plenty with people.

Goal for next year - more pictures of people (and hopefully some travel pics).


BlueM__0013Sharon40Trip_0011Sharon40Trip_0036Sharon40Trip_0043Sharon40Trip_0058Sharon40PP_0062Sharon40PP_0065Sharon40PP_0066Sharon40PP_0069Sharon40PP_0073Dan_Scott_0056KalClose_0004NanaLola_0006LexShazBath_0005Lex_Lake_5Clara_1Emilly_Louise_3Birthday Trip_015Birthday Trip_025_aBirthday Trip_056_aLaA Wedding_016LaA Wedding_020LaA Wedding_032LaA Wedding_034_bLex_009_aFuneral Trip_073Lex Basket_004Snooze_004Snooze_005Snooze_010Missed_033Nils_Lex_026Chrissy Tree_006New Year Lex_011

[User Picture]From: transcendancing
2010-01-01 01:55 pm (UTC)
This is gorgeous!! So is Lex :) *love*
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