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Arañas infernales

Arañas Infernales dates from 1968 and stars Mexican luchadore wrestler Blue Demon as the hero who finds himself pitted against the Hellish Spiders of the title.

The basic story is that spiders from space come to earth in search of brains to eat. Their queen especially needs them. But they haven't reckoned with Blue Demon who, between wrestling bouts, uses his knowledge of science to surmise that whatever is going on, it's of extra-terrestrial origin.

I enjoyed it, despite its many flaws. The plot even holds together for over half the film before becoming a confused mess, which is something that many modern day genre films struggle to manage. And I love that the spiders, who can make themselves look human, send a wrestler to fight Blue Demon... A wrestler that can transmogrify his hand into a spider that can deliver a lethal bite!

I also enjoyed watching the various bits of stock footage lifted from Teenagers from Space and Plan 9 from Outer Space, not to mention listening to the same bit of the This Island Earth soundtrack played again and again.

And again.

And edited badly, but played again anyway.

In fact, it's only the second half of the film where it starts to go wrong. The pace slows to a crawl, the story fragments into a mess, and the only redeeming feature is the wrestling match between Blue Demon and Arak, the spiders' wrestler, which is quite good.

Worth a look as a taster for Mexican Wrestling movies, and some mild amusement late at night with friends and pizza.
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