dalekboy (dalekboy) wrote,

Moonbase Jasonfischer

I escaped from Moonbase Jasonfischer!

I killed Rachelholkner the shapeshifter, Pharaoh Katt the tribble, Glenkrisch the red-shirted ensign, J Cheney the tribble, Taliehelene the maintenance droid, Satimaflavell the nutrivend drinks machine, Amandapillar the red-shirted ensign, Jp Davis the maintenance droid, Cygil the red-shirted ensign, Catephoenix the awful green thing, Nicole R Murphy the cargobot and Benpayne the nutrivend drinks machine.

I salvaged Clarkesworld's commbadge, a Strategy-Games screwdriver, a Farragoblogian raygun, a CHUCKM forcefield generator, a walkinglithium crystal, a Deborahbian deathblade, the Log of the USS Austspecfic, the Log of the USS Jpsorrow, a Clarion model hazmat suit, an Adamhenderson screwdriver, a Dkernot model hazmat suit, a NYSSA forcefield generator, a Mylifeinreviewian artefact, the Log of the USS Editormum, a CASSIP forcefield generator, an Aidandoyle model hazmat suit and 269 galacticredits.

Score: 679

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Tags: memes, weirdness

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