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Mel sent me this in response to my Senggol post. Given that it was going to be a lengthy reply, I thought I'd whack it here...

"Ok I can understand Ken being "The clown" but why am I "The Rock", unless you know two other people of the same names ?"

I thought that The Rock and Kosick rhymed enough for it to work. Here's written version of the adlibs. Naturally they weren't delivered as well as this, but it'll give you an idea.

Of course the 1936 German Olympics had one of the greatest Senggol matches of all time. Mel "The Rock" Kosick had not gone out once. She was a small, stout Polish woman and once she was in the triangle, you couldn't get her out. It was the final match for the Gold and England had already gone out, so it was down to Poland and Germany. Kosick was the last of the Polish fighters and there were still three German figthers in the game. It should have been a foregone conclusion, but she went up against three tall solid Aryian Germans and beat them all! Bumped one after the other. I don't think Hitler ever got over that. Three of Germany's best being beaten by a little Polish woman...

And three years later, Germany invades Poland...

And the other...

One of the interesting sidenotes to Senggol is that a fairly sizeable percentage of Senggol fighters are scared of clowns. It's strange, it seems like most good fighters in the sport happen to have this phobia. Well, one fighter cottoned onto this and so started to dress as a clown - Ken "The Clown" McCaw. There was nothing in the rules to say that he couldn't and it was devastatingly effective. You could see other fighters sweating and terrified as he walked to the triangle. Some would even down themselves or put themselves out trying to avoid touching him. It was amazing.

Of course these days we have the standardised uniforms...
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