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The Prisoner 2009 - Darling [Dec. 12th, 2009|02:54 pm]

I liked it, the core idea worked, but somehow it still seemed like a step backwards to me.

6/10 as a Prisoner remake
6/10 as a TV show

This will be a short and a bit vague. I'm a but vague and it's actually been a few days since I watched the episode. That said the score is based on my initial impressions, not my feelings now.

In order to break 6, they make him fall in love. I like the concept, and like a chunk of the execution, but there was something lacking. 6 gave into the love too easily.

I don't mind that he did fall, thanks to the Village tampering, but I just wished he'd... been more confused and resistant to it, at least at first. In some ways the Village tampering and aspects of the way things are handled hareken back to the show of old. I think that may be why 6's lack of resistance annoyed me and felt like a step backwards.

That said, there is some nice layering, and Number 2 gets a couple of nice moments, especially when dealing with 313's emotions in the matter.

But, over halfway through, I have no desire to own the series on a first watch. That said, I may well go through it again and see if it imprives with a second viewing. it certainly has that potential.

From: jblum
2009-12-12 10:24 am (UTC)
I think the reason why the relationship worked is because 6 had already bonded with her "outside" the Village, in an environment where (he thinks) he's beyond their manipulations. It would be like if the Village brought Janet from "Do Not Forsake Me" into the Village to mess with him... (which IIRC was the premise of one of the perpetually-forthcoming Prisoner novels from Powys Media...)

And FWIW, I think the show will reward a second viewing!
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