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Dashed off Dot Points

* Today I get three wisdom teeth out!

* My teeth tend to lock into my jaw with curved and hooked tooth... thingys. So for one, they actually have to saw away a small part of my jawbone!

* Weirdly, I'm not nervous at all. I honestly expected to be.

* I've been madly chucking things up on eBay in an effort to help offset the financial jolt of the tooth removal. It appears to be going okay for the moment. Most folks bid at the last minute these days. Feel free to spread the word.

* My eBay auction of a Santa visit went for the princely sum of... 1 cent! Given the number of enquiries I had, I found this hilarious! I could just picture all these folks not bidding because they figured it'd be outside their reach anyway, then seeing it go for a cent!

* I wnet to bed that night, and couldn't sleep for giggling :-D

* I have since heard from two other people wanting me to play Father Christmas for them, and I've successfully argued them down on price.

* Well, it is Christmas, after all.

* The actual winner has yet to contact me, despite me trying to contact her. I'm now suspecting she was a joke bid, gone wrong.

* Which I don't mind, but it has prevented me from confirming the other gigs to date, because she has to be my priority job, of course.

* That said, I've emailed asking for any sort of confirmation, and if I don't get it by Monday, she can work around the other people.

* Oh, and I got called by the Entertainment Store. They wanted to know if I was free for a job Christmas Day. And it was... 'name your price.'

* Naturally I freaked.

* I had no idea how much to ask for, so asked Fred how much he thought I should be asking for. He's used to negotiating that side of the business, after all. His answer? $350!

* And I'd been wondering if $100 was too much...

* Fred rang me yesterday to tell me the place wanting a Kringle hasn't replied as yet. He thinks they may have been scared off by the price. I was about to ask if he thought a lower offer would be better, when he commented that they could easily afford that amount of cash, and they'd have no luck getting a better St. Nick on Christmas Day, so it's their loss.

* Then he said I was their best Santa, and I was actually worth way more than that for a Christmas Day gig.

* I went wibble

* When he realised that I was rather confused by this statement, he started telling me about all the glowing reports, businesses saying I'm the best they've had, etc.

* I went wibble, wibble.

* So proud!

* But wibble!

* Needless to say, I'm very pleased by this.

* So long as I recover in time from my teeth (no reason I shouldn't), Sat week I'll be appearing for the kids of a group of single mums in Queanbeyan. I argued them down on price, too. They argued back, but I counter argued that, being Christmas, I'd rather they spend a bit of the difference on themselves. It's hard enough being part of a pair looking after a kid, let alone doing it on your own.

* I'm also doing a freebie for friends of mine. I offered and they're all too happy to accept. Glenn started off as a customer, but now he and his family are mates, and I'm really looking forward to surprising his kids.

* I just finished the Evergence Trilogy. It was awesome, and Sean and Shane are bastards, in the best possible way.

* I'm now reading the memoirs of Barry Letts. It's very good.

* I've been watching Misfits. It's Skins meets Heroes. Only one character isn't horrible, and yet I can't help but want to keep watching.

* Oh well, off to be knocked out and have my jaw messed about with.
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