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The Prisoner 2009 - Anvil

Very odd episode, confusing and strange, but at the same time with some fabulous ideas, and a nice central conceit.

6/10 as a Prisoner remake
7/10 as a TV show

An improvement as the darkness and weirdness gets amped up. Number 6 is basically challenged by Number 2 to accompany a surveillance operative as he watches people, and find a way of turning what he learns to his own advantage.

For me, this is the first time it really felt like the old show, as Number 2 taunts Number 6, basicaly telling him that he won't be able to break the system.

The guy he's teamed with is wonderfully paranoid and suspicious. His approach is that everyone is guilty and has something to hide, his job is to find out what. Naturally this is true of himself, as well. His secret, that he's having a relationship with Number 2's son, 1112, is at once a fabulous idea, and kind of ordinary. I'm not sure why, but as secrets go, it seemed a bit forced and obvious.

However, we do get to see inside one of The Village schools, as 6 is asked to teach a subject. Which subject? Why surveilance, of course! Having a classroom full of kids who are learning about how to watch their family and friends, looking for suspicious behaviour, was brilliant.

I love the kid who felt that his mum missing a yoga class was suspicious, and the brainfucked look of confusion that crosses his face when 6 suggests that maybe she just didn't feel well. And then 6 turns it all around by giving the class an assignment - found out the secrets of who they all work for.

The stuff with the underground and Number 2's wife felt a little like weirdness for weirdness sake, which is strange complaint for me to make, since this is The Prisoner after all. And it does feel like they just chuck Rover in at the end of episodes now just because they can or feel they should. But overall, the show is steadily improving.

My personal favourite moment? Number 2 telling the student who had been spying on him that they'd have to send her for treatment, but that it was okay, she could finish her icecream first. Then we jump to a shot of the half eaten icecream dropping to the ground and getting run over by the truck taking her, screaming, away. Number 2 lied, and over something so minor.

How utterly wonderful!

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