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The Prisoner 2009 - Harmony

A definite improvement, darker and more interesting, drawing on concepts used in the original series while adding one that would not have been out of place in that show.

5/10 as a Prisoner remake
6/10 as a TV show

In the astonishing array of ways they screwed with number 6 in the original series, one that they never did was to give him an entire family to be a part of. Initially I was skeptical when they produced 6's brother, but as the episode progressed, it grew on me. It creates a chink in his armour if he can be made to believe and feel a part of this family.

Some of the scenes involving the counsellors in this episode were amongst the strongest. 6 finally turning the tables on them is briliant, only beaten by 2's distain and intimidation of them.

I'm still not sold on the show. I find it plodding, and the happy Americana version of the Village is dull. But this showed a distinct improvement, and if it can maintain or improve on this level of storytelling, I'll be a lot more forgiving of it.
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