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Dot points of Doom!

So I've not been near the net for a week or so. Various reasons but major contributing factors were -

- I hurt my back picking up Lex. No seriously, really buggered it. Normally on the rare occasions when I do something like this, it takes a day to go back to normal. This took until yesterday.

- Obviously having to deal with Lex slowed the healing. This is the first time I've jiggered my back since he's been around. Having to regularly lift and deal with a wiggling 10 kilo weight slowed things, and left me very tired when he decided to give me a break.

- So yesterday was my first day without pain and I thought I should probably still take it a little easy. Then I got distracted looking for something, and... well you can probably guess the rest.

- Bugger!

- I've had a quick look back through LJ, but feel free to fill me in on anything I may have missed that is worth knowing. For instance, mrs_roy reminded me that the Doctor Who - Children in Need preview has screened!

In other news...

- Lex learned a new trick today. Lifting my glasses up onto my forehead so he can see my eyes without looking through my lenses.

- He also now helps brush my hair (No, I do brush it, I'm just genetically scruffy). It's a special sort of terror, waiting to see if he's going to tear my hair out or whack me in the head with the edge of the brush.

- Sharon's mum and cousin (Lex's godmum) paid a visit, which was lovely. I like Sharon's family, and what made seeing them even better was we didn't have to travel! *happy sigh*

- Stargate: Universe is good. Not OMG must watch now! good, just good good. It's got everything right that Star Trek - Voyager managed to get terribly wrong. For a start it has a bunch of mismatched people and some real human drama.

- Dollhouse has been cancelled! At last!

- For some annoying reason my LJ keeps coming up looking like this -

instead of this -

The issue also makes a bunch of other stuff more annoying or tiring to read, as well as removing peoples icons, and not letting me use tags. It's only on LJ, so any suggestions as to what needs to be done to get it back to normal gratefully accepted.

- Someone asked why I haven't been on Facebook. I only go on Facebook when I have spare time and no brainspace to do anything useful. Recently even when I've had the lack of brain, I haven't had the time, and vice versa.

- I watched War Machines yesterday to celebrate the 46th anniversary of DW. It's that rarest of things, an action-packed Hartnell story. I rather like it, apart from the rushed, too-many-narrative-shortcuts ending, and the terrible treatment of Jackie Lane who was just finding her feet in spite of the fact that no-one seemed to know how to write for her character.

- I can't find my Dalek Movies DVD. I'm wondering if Lex has grabbed it and posted it somewhere. Yesterday I watched him carefully putting his toys in my shoes. If it was Lex, that DVD could be anywhere!

- I got to see Surrogates. I liked it.

- I got to see The Imaginiarium of Doctor Parnassus. I think I liked it, still not sure.

- But Lily Cole totally wants me.

- In other internet news, still picking up the pieces in the aftermath of the two-year email loss I recently suffered. It turns out that various setting had been lost as well, and a bunch of my email have been defaulting to the spam folder. Damn!

- In other, other internet news, over the last two or three months my utorrent downloads have developed an unfortunate habit. Basically it appears to be sucking approximately a third or more bandwidth than I'm actually getting converted into a file. So a 100meg file is draining 150+ of my monthly bandwidth.

I only noticed because I have it set to only download at a low speed, and at the end of every month have tonnes leftover, which I then use up in the last few days. In the last couple of months I'm suddenly finding I have stop downloading for days at a time because of how much bandwidth is being chewed up. There are no viruses, and there have been no modem, computer or other changes to account for this, and it's happening on multiple versions of uTorrent, so it's not the latest upgrade. And it only happens when running uTorrent.

Any suggestions gratefully accepted. God knows I've searched, but most people's issue are to do with not being able to download, rather than bandwidth vanishing.

- In better internet news, the Telstra guy seems to have fixed our connection problems.

The fix came after the uTorrent issue started.

- Sharon was out shopping the other day, and came back to find a note on the windscreen. She thought it'd be an apology for hitting it or something, but it was yet another offer to buy my car. I've had two since moving to Canberra, and on my big trips I usually come away with one or two instances where someone someone asks me how much I'd want for it. Always surprises me.

- Lex continues to learn what certain signs mean, but not use them himself. That said, he does have signs and words of his own that he does use and we get.

- Oh, very dirty on the Doctor Who Confidential production team. They did three specials, including one on the companions. The companions one talked about Rose, Martha, and Donna, pretty much exclusively. WTF?! What about Jack and Mickey? Mickey has a great character arc, you bastards!

- He now says "mum" as well as "Kal". While both started out as definite words that only got used in relation to those two beings, now they get used randomly for other stuff as well, depending on his mood.

- Lex also says "elgut" which means 'I want that thing residing in the vague direction to which I am pointing, please.'

"Elgut, elgut!" means 'No, not that one, the other one, dopey!'

- We all drove out to Captain's Flat on Sunday to check out the town and roads. Sadly while the town is okay, the last 30+km of road is very twisty, not very wide, and has numerous signs warning of roos and wombats. Wouldn't be an issue, but having it at the end of an hours drive on a daily basis is not terribly desireable. I found it tiring and I love these sorts of roads.

- However, we can still buy out that way, just not as far. And our investigations of Bredbo, Cooma and other places that are on major highways may bear more fruit.

- Lex walks like John Wayne.

- I have a cordless drill! It has a screwdriver attachment. I like this! (insert crass joke about screwing here)

- Reading the last of the Evergence books by Sean Williams and Shane Dix. Rather enjoying it.

- Congrats to the folks I know who have pumped out sproglets in the last week or two. Hey, Alexander and Jadzia, I hope you each enjoy the ride!
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