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Conventions in 2010

So, we've looked at finances, holiday logistics, Lex logistics, and a bunch of other stuff, and have had to divvy up the convention going for next year. We've been nutting out ideas for a while, but Sharon's work commitments and our finances have meant we've had to firm up our plans.

I will be at Continuum 6 in Melbourne at the end of February.
This is because with Sharon's work, her trying to get the time off for the con is nigh impossible. I kind of have to be there for a couple of things, plus even though my baby has grown up and is now going off and having adventures without me, only calling home on the holidays and when it needs money or advice, I like to be there if I can. It will mean one of my mad dashes down and back, though if I can find a way to wrangle driving instead of flying, I shall.

Sharon will be at Swancon in Perth at Easter, while I do the Lex minding thing back home in Canberra.
Sharon's not been able to enjoy a holiday since the first one, six weeks after Lex was born, just because they've always involved mad runarounds and/or me having stuff to do, being sick, Lex teething, etc. I had already thought that sending Shaz to Swancon would be a good idea for her, she'd get a good week or more on holiday away from all baby duties and be able to enjoy a con, something she hasn't had a chance to do since before she moved to Canberra and missed out of C4.
She had some reservations, knowing how much Swancon means to me, but I thought it was more important that she get a real holiday.

We will both/all be at Aussiecon 4 in September. We don't know yet whether we will farm Lex out to the grandparents for part of the con, or just keep him with us the whole time. Will see what they want to do, and what he wants to do.

Sharing out the congoing is not something we generally want to do, but for next year it's pretty much the only way for us to go.
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