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Amongst things Lex has learned or experienced in recent weeks are -

- shaking his head (it doesn't actually mean no, I think he just likes the cheap high)

- walking (he did a proper walk last night for all of half a dozen steps - this is how the world ends!)

- his first true word, as in a word that is solidly identified with one inhabitant of our house (the word is "Gahr!" or "Carh!", which is Lex's attempt to say the dog's name, "Kal")

- interior design (he keeps rearranging all the chairs)

- the sign language for milk (it's a two handed milking-a-cow motion, only he does it with one hand and so it's hard to distinguish it from him waving, but you can tell the difference if you really look)

- two big teeth finally breaking the skin after months of bothering him (both have come through in the last day or so, on the left side top and bottom)

- bubbles (a really good way to distract him so he doesn't scream while you're wiping his face after eating)

- swings and slides (both of which he adores)

- paper planes (threw the plane back and forth around him, then let him have it. It became the most precious piece of paper ever, for about half an hour)

In other news, it feels like everyone I've ever known is having kids at the moment. Just heard about another. Will be interesting seeing the direction all the kids of the fannish and alternative folks go over the years. I suspect a few rebellious Liberal voting accountant or sporting types will pop up.
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