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Boo Yays

* April and Andy visited on the weekend. Yay!

* My car indicator continues to play up. Boo!

* Sharon and I got to go see Up on Sunday. It was good and didn't stupidly pander to the 3D. Yay!

* Sharon's grandpa died Sunday night. He was an awesome old bloke. Boo!

* Jon Blum paid a visit last night. Yay!

* We have to race to Melbourne for the funeral, and race home again. Boo!

* Sharon's sister has gone into labour today, and it's my birthday, so there's a chance the bub will be born on my birthday. Double Yay!

* They almost certainly certainly won't name the child Danny, Danni, or any variation thereof. Boo!

* Seshat sent me a lovely picture of herself. Yay!

* I'm seriously behind on everything. Boo!

* Have had a couple of nice SMSes today, including one from my biological mum. Yay!

* Within the next month I'll have been in fandom for 30 years. Yay!

* If I'd murdered someone, I would have only gotten 20 years. Boo!

* I got some parcels mailed off. Yay!

* The last time I had intercourse was August 15th, 2008. Boo!

* At least I still have masturbation. Yay!

* Of course finding time for a relaxing wank when looking after a child and sharing a house with one's mother is problematic at best. Boo!

* Sharon has been talking about having another kiddie, which theoretically means more intercourse. Yay!

* The Kolchak the Nightstalker reprint I've been reading is full of typos caused by using a spellchecker and not a proofreader. Almost every page has one. Boo!

* My son totally rocks! Yay!

* I still haven't dumped the pictures from our last trip to Melbourne onto the computer. Boo!

* I like falling asleep to the soundtrack of Warriors' Gate. Yay!

* People panic buying for the first homebuyer's grant has pushed prices up. Boo!

* We have been continuing to save so we have a good sized deposit. Yay!

* I so seldom get to watch movies now. Boo!

* I think I've figured a way to bodge my indicator so it will work! Yay!

The Yays win! Woohoo!
Tags: belwood, doctor who, dot points, fandom, lex, movies, people, serious thoughts, sex, sharon, slice of life, travel
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