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Pointing and posting

Lex has had a number of little milestones since C5, that have mostly gone unblogged because I've been sick, busy, or haven't remembered when I was posting. In the last few days he's discovered the power of pointing!

It's both awesome and funny. He can communicate that he wants a particular thing by pointing at it, which is great because even though he seems to understand a chunk of the signing he doesn't actually use it himself, so the pointing makes life a little easier.

He also randomly points. He won't even be looking, he'll just raise his hand and point off in a random direction. Sometime he does it with both hands at once - two completely different directions.

And then there's triangulation. You're not sure what he's pointing to, so you pick him up and wave him back and forth, slowly zeroing in on the item in question which, nine times out of ten, is something that he's not actually allowed to have. So he gets the joy of having us take him right to the thing he wants, and the disappointment of not being allowed to have it.

He's also started 'posting' stuff, a term we picked up from Bill Congreve at C5. Posting is when they start going, 'Hey, I bet I can put this thing I'm holding, in that thing over there!' So now we're in a mix of ongoing surprise, and regular hunting. So one can't be sure what will appear in one's drink cup... a block, a rusk, a sock... and neither can one be sure where something has disappeared to... is it in the drawer? The box? Oh! It was hidden in my shoe!

I find both these stages an never ending source of amusement.
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