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So, yesterday for the first time in ages, I felt properly productive, in that I managed to get a few important jobs out the way that weren't just housework/Lex related. Not my tax, but hey, getting some of that other stuff off my to-do list was nice. As a bonus I even got to listen to the Feast of Steven episode of Daleks' Master Plan, which as a real hoot, while I ate. And I looked at LJ, and even commented on one or two!

So today I wake up with an earache, sore throat, and my cold which has been gradually fading is back substantially worse than it was before - a wonderfully nasty sounding hacking choking cough.

For fuck's sake! What is this? Punishment for actually getting something done?! I've been sick non-stop since C5, and I'm getting a little tired of it.

What's really annoying is that once if I was sick I could more or less barrel through it if need be. It wasn't fun, but it could be done. Post-stroke, when normal everyday stuff knocks me about, and I have to be aware of potential knock-on effects to the rest of the week if I overdo something, even a minor cold knocks the stuffing out of me.

Plus having a cold now always brings with it the worry that Lex will catch it. And wouldn't that be fun?

*Shakes fist at random point in the sky* God! If you existed you bastard you'd so be sixth on my shitlist right now!
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