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Lex Turns One

This coming Sunday, Lex turns one year old.

According to what we've been able to track down, I should be firmly past the infectious stage of my 'flu by tomorrow, and no-one else in the house has shown any signs of infection, so some sort of celebration looks likely.

Anyone who feels like dropping over on Sunday the 23rd anytime between noon and 6pm, please feel free, it's basically open house. Lex will possibly be sleeping for a portion of that but will be happy to see various faces when awake.

No presents are needed - family in Victoria is already loading us down with tonnes of stuff and Lex will be just as happy if you talk to him, play with him, or give him a cuddle. He is a very social kid.

Basic nibblies provided. And if you can let us know you're coming, that would be great.
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