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C5, home, and grumpy sick boy

The little I saw before the 'flu floored me, was good. Then I proceeded to keep myself away from the con to try and avoid becoming C5's official Patient Zero.

I apologise to anyone at the con whose body proceeds to try and turn itself inside-out through their anus, as well as the other joyous symptoms. While it's true that of the three people in the world who I would actually want to catch this, two of them were at Continuum 5, the chances are if you've caught this you're not one of them. Those people are like cockroaches, and so would come through this unscathed so that they could continue to inflict themselves on the world.

Based on the symptoms, I probably have swine 'flu. Then again, it may just be an ordinary really bad 'flu bug. They are both 'flus, so the differences are small, and various people will not show some symptoms. I'm over the worst of it, bar the chills and sweating, and the virus making me cough in its effort to infect others. I managed to drive us home yesterday, so we wouldn't have any additional days of travel, and Lex and Shaz wouldn't continue to be trapped in enclosed spaces with virus boy.

What it means at the moment is, I'm keeping well away from Lex and the rest of the family. I can't afford to play with my son, because I'm sick. Either of these things on their own would annoy me. On top of them we've had another rough trip, and I was at, but missed most of, the con I've waited three years to see. And my plan to take the majority of Lex minding duties so that Sharon could enjoy the con, blown out of the water. And in theory we were having an open invite to people to come around this Sunday to celebrate Lex's first birthday - now we have to see if Sharon of Lex show signs of infection.

So I have not the slightest bit of patience with people's bullshit. I don't normally have a high tolerance of it anyway, but at the moment I'm much more likely to gouge out the offender's eyes and pour lemon juice in the empty sockets if I'm bothered by petty issues by idiots.

Genuine problems are fine, as always. Call me, I'm happy to be here for you :)

But those folks who are blind to their own massive flaws, hypocrites, disaster of the day or constant poor-little-me types, or Lameo - you have been warned. Don't complain if I tell you to fuck off and die. Especially don't complain where I can see it, because then I might actually get nasty*.

Anyway, a day or so of rest, then get ready for the rent inspection.

* Remember, I'm the person you know who has actually bitten a dog that pissed me off. I've also punched** sheep and cattle

** "Punched" means what it usually means here, and is not a euphemism***

*** Why yes, I am rambling. Want to make something of it?
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