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Giralang Shops - The Sequel!

Okay, so the other day I paid a return visit to my local shops, which have been mostly deserted for a few years now. Short version, company bought up the shops, wanted to tear them down to build units, wasn't allowed to. Fought it for ages before giving up. Had been meaning to check them out for ages, had a quick look the other night, then popped back during the day for a proper look.

There were a few stores, I went through them all, so there's a lot of pictures.

So here are the shops from the outside. Further over to the left and set back a way is the pub.

So here's the bar in the pub. Of course over all this time, the vandals have been through here and the rest of the shops.

Looks like it used to have a fireplace of some description.

So let's go have a look behind the bar.

I like the old wallpaper they used to have.

Someone left their shoes behind, bet they feel silly.

Route from the back of the pub.

Under the pub.

Next up is the newsagency.

If you can spot the dead birdie, you can have it!

Self portrait in the bakery.

A left over oven.

And here is the view the bread had.

Here's the loading dock of the old IGA supermarket, and the back of the fridge section.

It was starting to get late, and the main area inside the supermarket is pretty dark anyway, so had to use the flash.

Here is the inside of the Vietnamese restaurant. They held out well beyond all they other shops, and hung around for a couple of years.

But I'm more of a pizza man, so off I went to Peppi's!

I even have a favourite table! I call it Reginald.

Back outside and all the way to the other end I go...

...to the security office! At least that's what I assumed it was, given it didn't have a shop front, and was full of old TVs and recorders.

Hope that copy of Prisoner of War wasn't a rental.

They even had a couch.

All that clambering around had mussed my hair some, so I paid a trip to the hairdresser. That was the only shop where I'd be fully exposed to the main street, hence leaving it until last. You can see it in the first picture, it's the shop on the corner nearest the camera. It's also tiny, since most of the area at the back is taken up with the security office.

And that was my visit!
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