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Evil Bastards!

Ok, yesterday I was out and about looking at DVD's. Now I knew that they had released the first three Nightmare on Elm St films locally, but yesterday seeing them around everywhere it just built to the point where I got really pissed off. Why? A few years back, in the US, they released a nice big boxed set of all the Elm St. films. It was going to be released here about six months later, I even had it on pre-order, but they canceled the release. Now the boxed set has tonnes of material in it. For a fan of the films, it's a wonderful treat.

Wind forward and what have Roadshow done? They've released the first three films and soon they'll release the second three the same way. And then, six months or twelve months later, the fucking bastards will release the boxed set with the extra disc which you won't be able to get separately. It's a cynical, nasty abuse of their customer base. I wouldn't mind if there was advertising around to let people know that there will eventually be a yummy boxed set, ala what the BBC did with the new series of DW, but Roadshow have treated the local industry with disdain again and again.

I like buying proper releases of the shows and films I love, but I have to say, this is the sort of behaviour that makes pirating so bloody tempting. I bought the local special edition of Fight Club a few years back, having seen the US special edition and loved it. The local edition was lacking several of the features that I liked from the US version. So I copied the US one. I have both, but I wasn't going to spend the money again.

I want to support the local industry but this sort of behaviour doesn't deserve support. The Elm St. case is merely the latest example of some companies sticking it to us. If the local DVD's don't have the features of the overseas ones, why should we spend our money locally?

This goes hand in hand with my other (related) big hate. The special edition being released some time after the initial version. The most recent example to piss me off was Pirates of the Caribbean. The newer version features a third disc. Now this isn't a bunch of footage they've only just discovered, they knew they had this stuff. And this isn't a case where they didn't know it was going to be a hit - the fucking film was huge at the box office - of course it will do well on DVD.

The previous version of this film was called the Collector's Edition. Well sorry Buena Vista, you fucking arseholes, but as a collector, someone who is willing to spend their hard earned cash on products, someone who usually rejects offers of illegal copies, I will being copying the lost disc. Because you knew you were going to be releasing this, you just chose not to tell us because this way you'll get some people buying the Lost Disc version so they can get the extra disc, even though they have already shelled out the money for the so-called Collector's Edition.

If the Lost Disc version had been released 3-5 years after the first release (like Fifth Element), I'd wear it. It's far enough off that it's effectively a new product. But as a consumer, I'm sick of the cynical abuse film buffs cop at the hands of many of the companies.

Pearl Harbour had three different releases in less than 12 months. Blues Brothers 2000 is only available if you buy it as a double pack with Blues Brothers - a film that, if you wanted it, you already own it. The Mummy had a Special Edition followed later by the Ultimate Edition, which again, I would have held off and bought had they announced it. And there are too many films to name that get standard releases follow several months later by Special Editions. The Star Trek films are a fair example though.

It doesn't affect me because I watch the trends and prices now. I research overseas releases and wait patiently when they do a bog standard crap release here. But there's lots of folks it does affect. It's a shonky business practice and as far as I'm concerned when these companies complain about people pirating their product, I don't give a fuck.

I've had a gut-full of their disrespect to their customers.
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