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Big W

Well, got up bright and early this morning to head into Big W in the city to spend the day Santa-ing for them. I thought it was a bit early to start the whole FC thing, but I found out today that both Myer and David Jones had their St. Nick's working as well. They were also doing the photo thing. The big difference between Big W and them - Big W's photos were free for the day. You wouldn't be able to pick them up until the 18th, but they weren't going to cost you $23.

I was well looked after by the staff and bosses there, had regular breaks and they even paid for my drinks and lunch, which was very nice. I'm glad they looked after me, because I've never been as uncomfortably warm as a Santa. This includes jobs outside wandering around in 35+ degree heat. Within the first hour I was getting a migraine headache and feeling chilled even though I was sweating! Not at all good. I upped my fluid intake even more, meaning I've drunk around four litres so far today. Gradually felt better as the day wore on, but took most of the day to get me back to decent condition.

My first, and best, photo assistant was a guy called Chung. Nice bloke who loves working for Big W and has a passion for cameras, so he works in the photo department. Good to work with and fun.

Saw a couple of familiar faces. Lee and Gabby wandered through and Lee's kids got photos done. Also bunnikins dropped in and had her photo taken with me. Yay Rabbit!

The kids were all good (bar one over excitable one) and amazingly, the adults were all good (bar one sheila who hung around for half the day talking at us, she was just tiresome rather than rude).

All up, I had a fantastic day.

Danny fall over now.

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