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Tonight's walk - Giralang Shops

So didn't get to go for my walk today, had to wait until 6-ish this evening. When it was cold, and dark, and raining. So I didn't go far at all. In fact, I only went down to the local shops (10 minutes walk away), something I've been meaning to do since I moved here.

I didn't take any shots from the outside, as I only wanted a quick look through.

This is our local IGA. I couldn't find anything I wanted in the freezers, so I moved on.

As you can see, the IGA is nice and airy, which is good. Only knick-knack shops and bookshops should be cramped.

Finally in the back right hand corner I found a sign for something I actually wanted. Unfortunately they appeared to be all out, and I couldn't find a staff member to check for more for me. *chews furniture*

I'm not quite sure what this shop was meant to be, but I liked their light fixture...

...and their little desk thingy. I think I need to make it a sign "Psychiatric Help 5¢ - The Doctor Is Out"

I also wasn't sure what this shop used to be.

But I like their metal box.

I can't help but wonder, is this actually a SIDRAT?

Our local hairdresser's.

And here is the local eatery.

My favourite pic of the bunch, and it was also the first taken. I really needed a nice looking naked woman posed in the doorway in silhouette, but I couldn't find one.

And I checked around, twice!

Thinking about going back with my proper camera and a tripod. I hate using a flash, and while I'd still need it for some spots, some areas would be okay.
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