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Dot Points from the last couple of months

In the last week or so, I've had a small bunch of concerned friends contact me privately to ask if I was okay, as I haven't been posting much for a while. Everything's cool, I've just been balancing being busy with my limited mental/physical energy, and some things, like LJ, are tending to suffer.

Thank you for the thoughts! I have been wanting/trying to put stuff up, but just not finding the time. Now some quick dot points and a picture...

* Lex is loving swimming!

* This week I started going for brisk half hour walks every day with a friend of mine

* My friend lives in Victoria. We SMS each other to say when we're walking :)

* Sharon's been working really hard the last week or so, poor thing. She comes home and tells me of her programming woes and I pretend to understand half of what she's talking about.

* Lex is heading towards tooth #9

* I have been rewatching Blake's 7 when I eat lunch, and enjoying it.

* I went to the dentist so we can start figuring out when we're going to rip out my wisdom teeth, as I believe me with wisdom teeth is false advertising.

* Today Lex broke my 1 litre coke glass :(

* Tonight I found two for sale on eBay :)

* When I saw that the next series of Doctor Who was going back to a Hartnell era style police box, complete with St. John Ambulance logo, I literally ran around the house waving my arms excitedly above my head ala Kermit the Frog for around two minutes. Sharon was amused by this.

* Blake's 7 lost a little of it's shine when Sharon noticed that the only Liberator crew that have their first names used regularly are the women, and Vila, the coward. I console myself by remembering that it was written at the end of the 70's, and Terry Nation couldn't even tell the difference between a star system and a galaxy half the time.

* I've started digging through my odd and interesting 1 & 2 season TV shows for a panel at Continuum 5. It's going to be hard to pick which shows to mention as worthwhile. Oldest I'm talking about is Star Cops from 1987.

* Sharon and I have been wanting to see the new Harry Potter film, and it keeps not happening. We're hoping we'll be able to steal a few hours in Melbourne and see it in Gold Class.

* I refound my book on Australian ghost towns. Guttermonkey and I will run amok in at least one of them... at a future date.

* Lex's cot has been through a few previous babies, all of whom left some teeth marks. Lex has been actively chewing his way through part of the wood. Seriously, the little bugger has gnawed a chunk out of his cot.

* This has been my mildest Canberra winter yet. There's been no snow visible on the surrounding mountains. That said, the gate has been frozen shut a couple of times.

* I continue to slowly get all my digital photos up on my Flickr account. Once all the digital ones are done, I want to start scanning my older pics.

* I am bemused by the Chronos awards. Many of the folks who are coming to the con and who nominated people have yet to vote. Seems odd to nominate someone and then not vote for them.

* At this exact moment, 1:10am, Lex is crying.

* I'm looking forward to the trip to Melbourne, and Continuum. Glad the con is on, because that will let us at least catch up with some of our friends. At this point, we leave Canberra the Friday before C5 and have only one free day before we get to the con.

* My stock from Roadshow is in. Now just need to send out people's orders soon-ish.

* I seem to have turned a corner with my swimming, and can occasionally breathe. Now I just need to do it consistantly enough to get from one end of the pool to the other without sucking in water.

* I love dolphin kick! I always reward myself after a lesson with some underwater swimming, arms at my sides, just doing dolphin kick.

* I watched Tenacious D - The Pick of Destiny and really enjoyed it. It was exactly the sort of movie I hoped it would be. While most crude humour bores me, and most swearing annoys me, I find it mostly tolerable with these guys. Plus, the film shows the true value of the cock push-up.

* Apparently, going by a recent survey, butchers enjoy their job more than anyone else. And they also have more sex. All this info does is remind me how much I miss droving, and make me wonder how many butchers exaggerated the amount of nookie they were getting.

* Oh, while I remember, can someone go out and have my sex for me? It may as well get used by somebody rather than go to waste.

* Oh! I had a bank teller flirt with me! True dinks! We were chatting away and at the end of the transaction she told me it'd been a lovely talk, then told me what bank branch she normally worked at and that I should visit, and then she winked at me! I'm pretty sure that's flirting that's so unsubtle that even I couldn't miss it!

* As those of you who know me can imagine, this left me really confused!

* Maybe she got grit in her eye at a bad moment...

* Been doing lots more, but I should go to bed. So in finishing, he's a piccie of Lex, stalking the backyard.

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