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Just for the record...

With regards to my previous post on forgotten Natcon history. What spurred it on was people saying we didn't need more awards. One of my points was that we actually used to have more awards. In doing that I needed to mention some of the history behind how we lost them, and got distracted by how crap the whole situation was.

At no point in the original post did I say anything bad about Aussiecon 4. Aussiecon 3 got a mention, but I made it clear that it was only a small part of the overall problems occurring at the time. And in all the replies, my only negative comment with regards to Aussiecon 4 was that one or two folks can be a little aggressive or dismissive of complaints.

All the other concerns voiced about A4 came from other people. This isn't me backing down on anything, or saying I don't agree with some of the comments made (just as I disagree with others), just that I didn't make them. I don't mind being blamed or accused of stirring trouble for the stuff I've said, but if I haven't said it, no thanks.

Just felt the need to be clear on that one.

Coming Soon - Aussiecon 4... Are the committee all Satan worshippers?
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