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Things New Parents Should Know #26 - Teething

Every baby is different. I've said that a few times, and it never ceases to be true.

Every tooth is different too.

Lex's first four teeth caused only a small amount of fuss. He was a bit more needy, had a light nappy rash during the first few days before each one cutting the gum, and gave us a few broken nights. He also had minor tummy issues which gripe water seemed to help with.

Gripe water gets mixed reviews from people. We've heard it said that it doesn't calm their stomachs, it's just sweet water, so the only reason the baby calms is they're happy with the taste. The first bottle of gripe water we had, Lex detested. Every time we gave it to him he made a huge fuss, screaming, clamping his mouth shut, trying to scream with his mouth shut (which was kind of funny), etc. But it always settled his stomach within 10-15 minutes. We now use a different brand of gripe water that he likes the taste of, and it seems to be as effective as the previous brand, plus we don't have the noise, the gargling, and him spitting it out.

Bonjela has been very good, of course. When we notice he's got tooth pain, we show him the tube before we give it to him and he starts smacking his lips in readiness for Bonjela-y goodness. He likes the taste of that so much, it can be hard to get it to the gum without him licking it off.

For the really bad runs, we sometimes use Baby Panadol. But even that didn't help with tooth five.

Tooth five (bottom left) was the tooth from hell. Nappy rash appeared three weeks before the tooth started to cut the gum. It was the one he had coming in during Swancon. Now the time difference and change of environment may have contributed, but overall he was hell to deal with in that he refused to sleep, so he was over-tired, which made him grizzly, and so he kept us awake all day and night. Of course he was mostly fine while we were out and about at the con, because it acted as a distraction. All told, it was pretty rank. But on the Monday of the con he was fine again, and we didn't notice any corresponding issues when we got back to Canberra, despite the time change.

Tooth six (top left) was not as bad as five, but still noticeably worse than the others.

Seven (bottom right) has caused different issues, and it's been immediately followed by eight (top right), which was breaking skin within two days of seven breaking skin. The big issues with seven and eight have been the killer nappy rash from Belgium, an order of magnitude worse than any nappy rash he's had previously. Other than the nappy rash, and some sore-bum related grizzling, he's been fine.

The teething also means that he chews everything in sight, so rusks have been popular, as well as a teething toy we bought shaped like a set of keys. They're liquid filled, you put them in the fridge and the cool is nice against his gums when he chews on them. Of course seedless grapes, kept in the fridge and cut in half have been popular too. As have other non-refrigerated items such as knees, jumpers, the dog, shoes, envelopes, the table, fingers, mobile phones, DVD cases, etc.
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