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Daylight Saving

I have two cents and I want to spend it.

While I kind of like daylight saving, realistically, I'm not tired to it and don't see any point to it in the modern world, beyond being part of an outdated tradition.

To say that it saves on lighting costs or power in the evenings is part of a false economy - many people have to get up quite early for work and so the lights go during the dark mornings when they might not when running on normal time. Most studies have shown that any difference to power usage is negligible. And if you're so concerned with power usage, why not back a push for air conditioners not to be used until the temperature passes 27 degrees outside? That'd surely save some power.*

Some studies claim that it reduces road accidents, others say that's not so. But if you're really concerned with lowering the road toll, why wouldn't you want the hour's difference all year round? Or better yet, just lower the speed limit to 30kph, and set the allowable blood alcohol level to zero for drivers.

As for the extra hour of daylight allowing people more leisure time outside. Well, maybe it does, but in this day and age, the vast majority of people with more leisure time tend to spend it inside in front of the telly or the computer.

With the air conditioning going.

And why is it that every time daylight savings loses out in WA, people complain that the 'no' voters aren't giving it a chance, and are behind the times? With the most recent voting, the majority of WA folks decided that it didn't work for them after a three year trial. As for being behind the times, no one was interested in the original concept of daylight saving for twenty years, until it was finally started during the first World War to try and save coal.

It was an attempt to save resources for a war fought nearly one hundred years ago.

As to the old chestnut of bringing WA more into line with the Eastern States, well WA will still be two hours out the rest of the year. Why don't we instead go with one of the original suggestions for Australian time zones - the entire country runs on Adelaide time. Then it'd be noon in Melbourne, Adelaide, and Perth all at the same time!

So, anyway, that's that off my chest.

Discuss. Rant. But try to be polite to one another, eh?

* Actually, if I had my way, aircon would not be allowed to be used until it was 30-35 outside. But that's me.
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