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The Dorans Done

Finished, and only a friggin' week early!

Had a rough couple of nights, so was out of it enough that it wasn't until halfway through the day today that I realised the [info]hespa's post was talking about next Friday, not today. But fortunately Mr. Doran and his lovely wife are time travellers, so it gave me a sort of out.

I did wonder why no one else was giving it a go... Who knows, maybe I'll inspire somebody. You've got a week!

Worst thing? Today was a bad day, Lex was unhappy as his sixth tooth finally broke the skin, I was headachey verging on migraine but I managed to beat that into submission and Sharon came home early from work. More tablets and a snooze in a darkened room made all the difference. Now I'm merely uncomfortable.

The idea for the story is an old one that I didn't get finished because I just stopped writing post stroke. The thing about doing this today was that once I started it, I felt I had to finish it today. If I had remembered Blog Like It Isn't You day was next week before I started, I may not have done it.

I'm ornery like that.

The Dorans are characters I kept wanting to work into one of my Big Finish Doctor Who stories, but it just never happened. I do love them. Mr. Doran's use of language, Mrs. Doran's 50's British schoolgirl style enthusiasm, and their utter devotion to each other, and love for what they do.

Anyway, think I'll fall over a bit now.

Feedback welcome.

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