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Blog Like It Isn't You Day - Darryl Doran 7

It hasn't worked! It hasn't ruddy worked! Communicated with him using a telephonic apparatus as a part of a survey, with the questions were all geared towards determining his contentment. He's still not happy!

Need to have a rethink to see if there's some other aspect that I may have missed. Is there more havoc needed in his life? More disaster?

Killing someone, averting their birth, crippling them, it's all so much easier. The problem with this assignment is it's so incredibly wearing. I've spent so much time in my amaranthine study-nook that from my subjective point of view, I've had the same washing on the line for over three years.

And it's still not dry!

Worse still, I was concentrating so completely on the task at hand that I've timeslipped these posts by a week. Such a rudimentary error! The difference it will make is negligible, but it does make me look rather doltish.

Anyway, back to the salt mines.

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