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Blog Like It Isn't You Day - Mrs. Doran 2

Gosh it's been fun! Darryl was saying that the key was to not overdo the misery, but to make sure the client's life was had some variety of emotional experience. I even got to kill again!

We managed to arrange things so he would go steady with a girl before his childhood sweetheart. That was fun! She was originally supposed to meet his brother. Well of course she eventually broke up with him to go out with his brother, so that made him miserable even though he never really liked her that much.

We stole his first car, the one he'd saved up for for ages! I arranged what looked like a heart attack for his dad. Golly that took some doing, but it was so satisfying!

Anyway, in the absence of suggestions, Darryl and I will have the jabberwock raw. Yum!

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