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Blog Like It Isn't You Day - Mrs. Doran 1 - Danny Danger Oz [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Blog Like It Isn't You Day - Mrs. Doran 1 [May. 8th, 2009|01:12 pm]
[Tags|, ]
[mood |ecstatic]

I got to kill something big! We hunted each other for days! I didn't have any weapons but that was okay because it was unarmed too, so it was a fair fight. I lost a hand at one point but managed to eat enough raw protein to regrow it.

Oh, and then my hubby picked me up and I got to shoot something! I didn't think I'd get any kills on this job, and while it wasn't a proper kill I still got to shoot something that then died. So it sort of counts.

I'm ever so pleased!

But I shan't tell you what it was because I think Darryl wants to. He said that I gave him the idea, so I'm also very pleased about that!

Hubby says lunch is ready, so I must be off.

Any advice on how to cook jabberwock? I'm doing tea tonight.

© Danny Oz