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Blog Like It Isn't You Day - Darryl Doran 2

Well, this is rather vexing. The gentleman in question is very successful financially, which I suppose goes without saying since he can afford our rather substantial rates. However, as far as I am able to ascertain, he has nothing to be unhappy about. This is surprisingly rare in the more prosperous circles.

Having tracked his life from conception to termination, there are a singular lack of unfortunate events that stand out. Oh there are small mishaps and losses, but nothing significant. His parents and siblings were good to him, no school issues, no tragedies. Any of the major emotional learning experiences that we all must eventually face, happened at ages when he had already developed the maturity to cope.

He even married his childhood sweetheart.

Their marriage is one so blissful, it rivals Mrs. Doran's and my own for sheer domestic exuberance! Yet he claims to still be unhappy! I then checked for chemical imbalances and cerebral abnormalities, and not a one.

His offspring are fine and loving, he donates millions to charity every year, he's well thought of even by the tabloids. The client expires quietly in his sleep at eighty-three, approximately two months before his wife passes on.

I can find no single event, or collection of occurances, that could leave the sort of emotional residue that could cause his deficiency of contentment.

I've conversed with the temporally abstracted portion of the client and he can't shed any light on possible causes for the paucity of Joie de vivre in his current existence. The best he can do is to assure me that while satisfied with the individual elements of his life, he fails to feel happy with the whole.

So, it's all down to me.

After this assignment, I shall teach a domestic chicken to calculate the square root of minus one. It'll be a doddle.

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