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April Dot Points

* April was a busy and tiring one, hence this being written on the 1st of May.

* This is a very Lex-heavy month.

* I got to see Return of the Ewok - the short film made by David Tomlin, about Warwick Davis, on the sets of Return of the Jedi as they were making it. It's naff, but fun, especially when you have things like Darth Vader chasing Wicket out of the Death Star throne room, and Harrison Ford, Mark Hamill, and Carrie Fisher dealing with him during the battle on Endor.

* I finished reading two books this month - so pleased!

* Lex is now crawling around quite determinedly. "I think I shall now go... there!"

* Swimming on Wednesday night was a killer. None of the other members of my class turned up. I rely on them for a little breather between chunks of swimming. I am so stuffed!

* Doesn't look like I'll be able to have Joanna as a teacher next term. Nooooooooooo! Best teacher I've had, bar none. Even left detailed notes on each of us for the fill-in teacher for while she was away.

* Going to see about whether she's taking any of the private lessons. Well worth the extra expense.

* We all went to Swancon! YAY!

* Sharon was sick with a cold that knocked the living stuffing out of her before we even got to Perth! YAY!

* Lex decided the time for his 5th tooth to start really bothering him was... Swancon! YAY!

* We were totally unprepared for our normally cheery bub to become The Horrible Demon Child From Hell's Bad Neighbourhood (TM) Yay.

* Because we were unprepared for him to be so bad, we totally failed to figure out what are, in retrospect, some very easy ways of handling it that would have made life significantly easier on both of us... yay.

* But on the last day of the con, Lex was fine once more... yay.

* Since the returning to Canberra, Lex has totally stopped sleeping through the night... ...

* We miss that strangely.

* Apparently Funtastic aren't bringing in any fresh stocks of Doctor Who toys this year. This is because they are big stupid-heads.

* I got to see the first interview I've ever seen with Patrick McGoohan talking about The Prisoner. It was from Canada, in the 70s. McGoohan really was half insane.

* But it was a genius sort of insanity.

* I'm really hanging out for Steven Moffat's first series of Doctor Who. I'm looking forward to seeing what he does differently.

* Signing Lex up for swimming next week. The idea still freaks me out!

* Kal very carefully stays out of range of the small human, because the small human pulls his fur.

* Kal has yet to realise that the small human is now mobile.

* I got to see Knowing for free, thanks to one of Theresa Anns' comp tickets.

* I really need to find a way to see more films for free, just because so many aren't worth paying cinema prices for.

* My business is practically non-existent at the moment, as I'm not getting anything up. I'm basically only dealing with direct inquiries for specific items. But I knew there would be times like this with a baby in the house.

* Need to get some turnover happening though. Want to order the Series 4 soundtrack.

* Poor Sharon, the broken sleeps added to the lack of rest on our 'holiday' have knocked the stuffing out of her.

* Through careful observation, I have found out that it takes me around two hours to get over a period of looking after Lex (playing with him, reading to him, nappy changes, food, milk, taking him outside, etc.). Once I put him to bed, it takes two hours, during which I catch up on eating and drinking, before I'm finally able to concentrate, or have the physical energy to get things done.

* Lex tends to sleep in blocks of around... two hours.

* This month contained the first time since Lex was born, where I didn't want a second child. It lasted half a day.

* After chatting with stephiepenguin at Swancon about the many uses of Flickr, I've finally done something with my Flickr account. I'm working on uploading all the digital pictures I'd like to keep to it, so I have off-site backups. If I get my act into gear, at some point I'll start scanning my old photos, too.

* On that, I know some folk, like Mortonhall, generally prefer not to be identified online in photos. If you're one of these folks, let me know and I'll be aware of this as I tag them. I'll also restrict other people from tagging them with your name (I was amazed with one lot where, half an hour later, every person in a picture had been tagged by someone else). I don't guarantee not to make the odd error, but will do my best to respect your wishes.

* In my life, I have experienced many icky things. Probably the most notable are being dunked in a blood vat, being literally hip deep in liquid shit, and being elbow deep in pusy, cancerous innards. These things all bother me far less than scraping poo out of nappies, which makes me gag and dry-retch.

* Picking up fresh dog-poo has the same response.

* I am such a wuss these days.

* Though the pus did make me gag a bit, too.

* I think it was the smell.

* Sharon's probably not going to get to finish her internet disembowelment. Just too tired to do all the research.

* Mum's in her room, talking to her sister on the phone. I just got to trail Lex as he started to follow her voice and search for her.

* Still need to finish baby-proofing. Started it ages ago, so big chunks are done, just a bit of final clearing to do.

* With the money I got for stuff in the Swancon auction, I bought five Doctor Who CD's from Book Depository - Celestial Toymaker, Power of the Daleks, Faceless Ones, Macra Terror, and Wheel in Space. I had the original audio from all these stories already, but it's nice to have official versions.

* I don't mind linking narrations in the audio for these missing stories, but I have to admit that I prefer just having the original audio and a script.

* Tired now

* Lex just decided to sleep for only 45 minutes... *sigh*
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