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What purpose does this serve?

Probably too much information for some of you

Okay, I couldn't sleep last night, hence my two rants that took me up until oh God o'clock to finish. After those I still had trouble dropping off, though I think I managed a broken doze. Then Sharon asked me to take over Lex because he wouldn't settle. Had a couple of goes, then sent Shaz to the couch where she could sleep uninterrupted while I tried to settle the bub.

This I did. Eventually. Followed by more broken dozing.

I've had less than three and a half hours sleep, and what I had was broken. I am struggling through the day, physically and mentally, and my only hope of more sleep is that I might get some when Lex goes down to snooze again.

So why the hell am I so bloody horny? Seriously. I feel like crap, and all I really want is to spend an hour or two shagging like mad. Which is a pointless want anyway, cos, y'know, it's been ages, so I'm bound to be a Victor Lawnmower.

I suspect the SMS I got this morning was a major contributing factor, if not the actual culprit. It came from a highly desirable friend of mine, at a time when I was half awake and open to suggestion, on an innocent enough subject that she is unaware can tend to lead me in an amourous direction.

So now, here I sit, chewing furniture, with no chance of a private break to try and resolve the issue.

And tonight I have swimming. I'm to be surround by women in bathing attire...

I'm doomed...
Tags: sex, slice of life, unimportant but annoying

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