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My own meme, what I created.

I figured it was time to create a meme that challenged people a bit.

The "I Annoy You" meme

If you regularly put memes up on your blog, then you are obliged to do this one. In reaction to the many inconsequential or feel-good memes out there, what is it you hate about me? What is it about me that really ticks you off and makes you want to strangle me? Makes you roll your eyes and wish I'd just go away? Please feel free to post anonymously if you wish, so long as you are honest. The only catch is, if you can dish it out you have to be able to take it. Once you've replied, you must put this meme in your journal.

And please, don't post if all you're going to say is "But there's nothing I hate about you."

All comments will be screened, naturally.

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