dalekboy (dalekboy) wrote,

Lex cuddles

Baby cuddles! Some people love'em. Some people wouldn't touch a baby if it was covered in Super-Magic Wishing Powder (TM).

Just so you know, Sharon and I are more than happy to have people* hold and cuddle Lex, but we won't generally ask someone if they'd like a hold, because it makes some folks feel pressured to do so.

So if you'd like a hold, just ask.
However, we do feel it necessary to warn you that he's at a biting** and pinching stage at the moment, so be prepared.

Oh, and I'm weening him of taking people's glasses. Every time he grabs mine, I grab his nose. It seems to have mostly worked. Now when he reaches for my glasses, and I reach for his nose, his little hand pauses -
- and then he grabs my nose!

* Scary Costume Guy's and Lameo's need not apply

** Lex has informed us that he now wishes to be called The Evil Doctor Quadchomp (TM), and that he will use his four teeth to destroy you utterly!
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