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March Dot Points

* We survived our rent inspection

* Lex has survived his fourth tooth

* We have (barely) survived Lex's fourth tooth

* Because when I get woken up, I can't get back to sleep, and Lex has been unsettled in the mornings after Sharon leaves for work (due to his new tooth), I have been sleeping on our reupholstered fold-out couch. It's a nice couch, but I'm glad this tooth is through so I can try sleeping in a bed again.

* We've discovered that Sharon is sensitive to gluten. Not dreadfully so, but enough that reducing it seems a good idea.

* I've had my first go at making gluten-free bread today!


My gluten-free bread! I did one loaf in a bread tin, and one in a silicon bread tray thing. I didn't grease the silicon one because I haven't had to grease the silicon on anything else I've done, but obviously GF bread is different. It stuck to the silicon. But, I have to say, this is some of the nicest bread I've made, taste-wise.

* I'm getting ready for Swancon, yay!

* Won't be doing a costume this year, boo!

* No Simon at Swancon, Wahhh!

* I have a couple of things for people in Perth that I will give to them in person, I think.

* Attack of the Crab Monsters is just as I remembered it. All it needed was a crowd of people here to cheer for Russell Johnson (The Professor from Gilligan's Island) every time he was on screen or uttered a line.

* In the last month, I think I've looked at my LJ friends page twice. Just too busy, and that doesn't appear to be changing.

* The Disney cartoon Education for Death, made during the war and about how German children are raised to be Nazis, is more entertaining than the Disney cartoon, The Story of Menstruation.

* Inspired by Paleo-Cinema and Bazura Project (Have I plugged them enough yet? No!) I have been catching up on my film watching when I'm too tired to do anything useful.

* This compliments something that I'd already been doing without consciously attempting to previously - watching movie series. I watched all the Elm St movies and Superman 1-4 some months back. More recently I've watched the 3 original cuts of the Lord of the Rings trilogy, have just watched the Pirates of the Caribbean trilogy (2 & 3 were better than I remembered, but still suffered the problems that annoyed me the first time around), and I've just watched Star Wars 1 & 2 (which were in some ways worse than I remembered).

* Soon I will finish the Star Wars films, then, in no particular order, I'll check out all the Star Trek movies (will have to find copies of the last 3 Next Gen ones), The Matrix trilogy, The Chronicles of Riddick, Predator 1 and 2, the four Alien films, and all the James Bond stuff, including the two old version of Casino Royale, and *shudder* Never Say Never Again.

* Watched Primer at last. It's good, but I think I need to watch it when I'm more awake.

* Also saw Fido, which is a special sort of zombie movie awesome. Even mum liked it. Billy Connolly plays Fido.

* Been reading a collection of Shirley Jackson's short stories. I'm not sure I fully get her writing. But I'll persevere until I get to The Lottery, at least.

* Have been finally getting back to riding the trike by finding better ways to work around Lex. This is at least partially helped by the fact that once he's down for a snooze, mum's in the house with him if I want to take the bike.

* Got a new teacher at swimming who utterly kicks arse. Joanna took on a class of five people, all at different levels, and has managed the time every week to work with us in a way to bring us all up to around the same level.

* I quite like dolphin kick and butterfly.

* Still learning to breath though.

* But haven't died yet.

* Now looking into the baby classes for Lex.

* Need to finish going through my Hammer Dracula and Frankenstein movies.

* After many delays, I've finally gotten around to test footage for a small animation I want to work on. So far, happy with the results, but still need to build two characters, at least three changes of outfit for one of them and do 38 seconds worth of animated dialogue.

* Get to see Seshat in a few weeks. yay!

* I still can't quite believe I'm a parent. You'd think after seven months it would have sunk in, but no.

* I still can't believe I have a Silver Swan. Seriously, it just doesn't seem quite real.

* I still can't believe Jennifer Connolly won't return my calls.

* Have got six boxes of books packed in preparation for finding a house at some point later this year.

* Have got 800-ish books catalogued through LibraryThing.

* Still got lots to go.

* The lovely oothoona babysat for us the other week, so Sharon and I could go see Watchmen. Yay! It was lovely of her.

* Sharon and I enjoyed Watchmen enough that we want to reread the comics.

* The Band, the porno film I had a small part in is finally edited together and finished. Anna has invited me to the get together to celebrate. It's two days after we get back from Perth. I'd arrive in Canberra on the Thursday, have to drive down to Melbourne on the Fri, go to the party on the Sat, drive home on the Sunday, then look after Lex all week. It would in all likelihood kill me.

* I'm considering it.

* Have booked our room for Continuum 5 in August, hopefully we'll see many of you there.
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