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Linky Goodness

Just some links to stuff that I think people may like, or be amused by, under the cut.

Dalek in a Pond

Buy a Prototype Underwater Habitat! This is currently up on Oztion.com.au, but since it will vanish soon, here is a link to a screen capture of the page.

Antarctic slang

If you liked the TV show Reboot, then you may like the Reboot Webcomic - You have to join up, but it's quite reasonable from what I've seen.

A Worth1000 Contest with pictures of Lex. To see the original, click on the bit titled Theme Post.

A Worth1000 Contest with pictures of yours truly.

Pictures from a Brazilian Ad Campaign that features large ladies in shots from well-known films. I think these pics are awesome.

This link is to the youtube channel for TED. TED stands for Technology, Entertainment, Design. Go to the site to learn more. I've yet to be disappointed by one of the talks.

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