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Travel Pics - The Den of Nargun!

Mitchell River National Park, where we went looking for the Den of Nargun!

Intrepid gentleman adventurer, Sir Scott Pollard, led the expedition. Here he is in his cunning hat.

After making our way down into the valley, we continued on towards the Den. We were tempted by Deadcock Den, but decided the name may have been a warning, given it was of cultural significance mainly to the women of the Gunai tribe.

Near the Den we discovered this small lizard practicing its push-ups.

Here, a different lizard told us about how its uncle once appeared in a movie with James Mason.

The Den of Nargun!
Here we played Yahtzee and drank hot chocolate. There is also a velvet painting on one of the walls, but you can't really see it in this shot. It's quite a lovely den.

Another lizard poses for the camera! This one told us it had a big brother just down the road.

Detail shot of the iridescent scales.

© Scott Pollard
Yours truly, taken by Sir Scott Pollard, or 'Dimples' to his friends.
I got to call him Sir Scott Pollard.

Finally we were attacked by this tree and fled the area, vowing to return one day, when things were wetter.
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