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Travel Pics! (Изображения от моих путешествий!)

Having noticed that I have picked up a lot of Russian folks who have found me through the photo-blogs, I just thought I'd use Babelfish to say "Hello" to you all and thank you for your continued interest in my pictures.


Замечающ что я выбирал вверх много русских людей которые находили я через фото-блоги, я как раз думал I' польза Babelfish d сказать " Hello" к вам всему и вы для вашего продолжаемого интереса в моих изображениях. Приветственные восклицания, Дэнни

Anyway, here are the first batch of photos from gutter_monkey's and my trip from Melbourne to Canberra. Some of these you will have seen on Scott's journal, and his facebook, but for the rest of you, here they are...

© Scott Pollard
Gutter Monkey and I at the start of our trip! But where did we go on that first night?

It was someplace high by the looks of it!

© Scott Pollard
Yep, it's high. Hello Belwood!

And it had yummy textures on the power points.

And tubes!

Teethy things!

© Scott Pollard
Another view of the teeth. They aren't so impressive. They're tiny!

Om nom nom!

After masticating Scott, there's the conveyor belt to transport his bloody remains to the giant metal gullet.

But Gutter Monkeys are hard to digest and quick to escape!

Here I am in the treads of the metal beastie.

So where were we?

Bucket Wheel Excavator #21, which is no longer in use, because it's too small compared to the newer models. Scott's post is here, with a bit more info and some other pics. We had to crawl under one fence, and climb over another to reach it. I surprised Scott and myself with my fence-climbing abilities - it would appear I'm a nimble little minx!

BTW, I only put the copyright thingy on Scott's piccies because posts with the Photo Tag normally only have my photos in them, and no one else's, so I wanted to be clear on who took what. The photo of me in the treads was also taken by Scott

More photos from the trip, soon!
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