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Santa in training

Today I went to Santa training. In theory I didn't need to, having done it last year and gotten lots of great feedback, but I take my Santa-ing seriously and figured I may pick up a few tricks.

It was good, there was only a handful of us there, but it was kind of nice to get to talk to other Santas. Traded hints and tips with the others and went through the basics again as a refresher. Father Christmas couldn't make it himself, so instead we had David. He's been a Santa for the Entertainment store for seven years and is great. Clever, funny and knows his stuff.

They wanted to give us a run-through of being Santa, with David playing a little boy. For a big guy, he captured the spirit of the part well and gave each of us a hairy time in completely different ways. For me he was the insanely curious kid, asking question after question without giving me space for a breath. I've had one or two of these, hard to deal with but not too bad, and I handled him pretty well.

I really like working for the Entertainment Store, good people all around.

The second-best news is, they gave us our Santa suits! So I've got mine waiting in the wardrobe for my first job. It'll give me a chance to do some test runs, because every Santa suit is slightly different.

The best news is, I shall soon have my very own Santa suit!
Last time I spoke to them I asked about buying one off them. They have their own costume people and Matt asked them if they could do me one and yep, they can. So I'm going to have a Santa suit made. Yay! By a guy who has worked for Madonna! Think I'll avoid the pointy-chest look though.

I've wanted one for a while for a few different reasons. One, I want to be able to play Santa not just for work stuff, but for freinds and family. Two, it's nice to have a spare for when small children spew on me. Three, I want one. Four, I really, really want one. And five, I would have needed one for Santa's tonight show, North Pole Tonight, at Swancon next year. And it's so much better to have my own.

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