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My car smells of musk

Treated myself today by getting my car cleaned. It was rather amusing, as the main young bloke to work on it couldn't figure out the immobiliser, then couldn't figure out the gears (he hadn't noticed the clutch) and then kept stalling it. hehehe

So my brmmm brmmm is all sparkly and gleaming again after having driven it over to Perth, then up to Uluru and home again. Yay! Though it still has a bootful of red dust from the Hyden/Norseman road.

Today was a tough day of Santa-ing. The suit ups your temperature enough that you sweat in an air conditioned shopping centre, so you can imagine what I was like on a 35 degree day. I was literally dripping sweat. Just think, some people pay good money to clean out their pores in steam rooms, meanwhile I get paid to exude moisture.
I still have a slight dehydration headache, but I had a fun day as St. Nick. The kids were good, I refused to give a stall holder a lolly since she snatched one from my hand yesterday and I got to drawer winners out of a barrel in a competition that no-one seemed at all enthusiastic about.

Spoke to a woman yesterday who had just had all her Chrissy presents stolen. As she said "You hear about it all the time on the news, but this time it's me." She was reasonably chipper about it, happy that her son was too young to realise. Gave her a big hug and a lollipop, it's all I could do.

I've had one stall holder give my elf and I fruit every day, which is very kind. It came in handy yesterday when I was giving lollipops to some kids and one looked at the proffered sweetie and said he couldn't have it because the red food colouring makes him really sick. So I dropped it back in the bag and pulled out an apple and got a good smile :) Yay!

Well, I'm off to drink my fourth litre of water for the day
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