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Lord Nimon? It is I, Soldeed!

"Say goodnight, Gracie!"

"Who are you? And where is the Lord Nimon?"

"I'm the Doctor. And I had Nimon an' his mates all taken away."

"Blasphemy! The great Lord Nimon-"

"-Is down the knacker's yard bein' turned into dog food as we speak. Now give it up or...



Are you wearin' make-up?"

..."a little...".

"You noncey-arsed fairy Man United supporting poof!"

"How dare you! You have destroyed my dreams, Doctor! My dreams of conquest!"

"Oi, Gladys, shut it or I'll 'ave to use me sonic screwdriver!"


"Is that a weapon?"

"Weapon? Nah it's a tool, I use it to fix things. See it goes BANG, that's the sonic part, and then the problem is solved."
Tags: doctor who, gene hunt - timelord, my stuff

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