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Random Dot Points

- Lex is simply not bothered by the heat to any noticeable degree. We haven't got air-conditioning in the car or house, and he seems fairly unfussed. Which is good, because I think people rely on aircon too much, and then are unable to cope without it.

- Lex also seems totally unphased by the pair of teeth working their way up through his gum. He's marginally more needy in that he wants more hugs, but is often quite happy to be left while we get on with Stuff(TM).

- Still struggling like a big wuss. Haven't crashed in the same way I normally do, but it's still draining.

- Back to swimming lessons tonight. Was good, but exhausting.

- Have you ever considered the great debt we owe panelists who actually care enough to do research for their panels? In preparation for the Doctor Who panel at this year's Swancon, today I watched episode 3 of Time and the Rani... I would rather be at the dentist having my four wisdom teeth pulled out.

- I still have to organise going to the dentist to have my wisdom teeth removed.

- Sharon is still beautiful.

- I would really like to be in a condition to go to the Post Office Friday to mail off some things, since I will have the car then. Time will tell.

- Last night I felt like crap and really wanted to watch something, so I picked Escape from New York. It was the first time I had seen it in around twenty years, and is still an enjoyable watch. It's funny how absolutely everyone seems to know Snake Plissken.
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