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Took a short trip with Sharon and Lex on the weekend, and wandered up to visit Lewis, Marylin, Nick, and Adrian in the Blue Mountains.

Had a lovely time catching up with good friends, though I slept a hell of a lot once I got there. Think I've finally crashed after my super-busy day a couple of weeks back, either that or it was my very busy pre-trip Friday wot did me in. Certainly I'm still struggling today and about to go back to bed.

Have to say though, the GPS is fabulous for exploring! On the way back I set it for the fastest route home (that didn't use the tollways) and we went from the Blue mountains to Goulburn, using only smaller roads and routes, no highways, and going through little towns like Oberon and Taralga. I always love driving new roads, each one is an fresh adventure. I really liked Taralga and want to swing back for a proper visit. And there was a some gorgeous scenery on the way back, too.

Best thing, in total taking the back roads rather than the highway and tollway only took us a quarter hour longer! For a much more beautiful trip! Would like to have taken photos, but stopping the car teands to mean Lex will wake, then need to feed, then need a change, and so an hour is lost. So if I'm going to stop, it needs to be pretty spectacular. Instead what i do now is put together a list of places I want to revisit.

Oh dear, more trips, how sad :)
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